Beyond Curriculum

Beyond Academics

“Going out” is a key part of the elementary program and occurs whenever exploration of a topic extends beyond the resources available in the classroom. Going out provides an avenue for development of this self-construction. It is time now to move beyond family and school. Physically and mentally, the child is capable of a great deal. The doors to the universe are now thrown often, and the children begin to explore all that surrounds them.

Field Trip

Our primary students take at least one field trip each year and our elementary students take a wide range of field trips to keep the lessons learned in class connected with the world outside.


Dancing is a great form of exercise and a love of dance from early age can help motivate kids to stay sharp and active. At PIMS every student participates in dance classes, in a safe environment, guided by dance professional as we understand the importance of performing arts to all children.

Art and Craft

One of the most important and earliest activity the child can participate is drawing. At PIMS every student is given an opportunity to develop their artistic talent by participating in art and craft classes guided by art professional as we understand it is a key part to a child’s development.

Colour Day

During this special day students as well as teachers are supposed to come in a particular colour. To make the children happy and excited the school is adorned accordingly. The child learns to discriminate the different shades of colour.

National and Religious Festivals

National and religious festivals are celebrated at PIMS to help children understand the glorious heritage, culture and traditions our country. It serves the purpose of bringing happiness and strengthening our sense of community.


Yoga classes are conducted for elementary students to emphasise the enormous benefits derived from it. Children in today’s day and age are over stimulated with the availability of so many distractions in the form of gadgets and toys. This has a profound effect on their attention span and their concentration level.

Sharing Day

“Let’s share, sharing is caring”. Sharing is a vital skill of life. Sharing day at PIMS is to teach children compromise, fairness, respect and it also helps them build a strong sense of community. Sharing food begins that bond of family. Not just caring about one another, but the heritage shared between people right from our ancestors.

Annual Day Celebration

Annual day forms an integral part of our school activities. PIMS annual day is an occasion of celebration, feast and festivity when students not only display their talents through wonderful performances but also receive honours for their accomplishments. It is also a time for teamwork and being proud of what the school stands for and believes in.


At Prodigy we provide not only quality education but also healthy life to our children. The children have an opportunity to participate in various team and individual sports like football, cricket, badminton, basketball, archery etc., In order to promote competition and bring out sporting talents of the children, the children are grouped into two houses namely ‘roaring lions’ and ‘screaming eagles.