Frequently Asked Questions
  • How do children who go to Montessori adjust to the pressures of regular mainstream school? Do they find it difficult to adjust?

    The aim of the Montessori classes is not to prepare children for mainstream school. The greater aim is to assist with the natural development of children and to help them develop to their fullest potential. It supports children draw tremendous benefit from the Montessori programme. They develop good communication skills, they write creatively and have good reading comprehension, they have laid a strong foundation for many mathematical concepts and have good social skills, they can compete with changes with self-confidence and seek solutions to their own problems. As a result, they shine very well in mainstream schools.

  • Will the children be able to compete when/if they enter the mainstream?

    Children who have had the benefit of Montessori education often think for themselves and are confident in diverse settings as they can find their way in new situation. They often stand out for that reason. So by and large they more than cope but do well in the mainstream.

  • what is the age at which children enter the Montessori programme? What is the age at which they transit to Elementary (Std I)?

    The Montessori Programme is a three–year programme. It serves children aged 3 to 6 years. However as great stress is laid upon independence – on letting children learn to do things for themselves, to help children work on their own – they are often admitted into the programme when they are about 2.5 years.